Antczak Engagement

Sarah and Brent did a fantastic job on our engagement shoot at Percy Warner Park and Cheekwood Botanical Gardens. Everything was perfect during our shoot. The lighting was just right, and they were so laid back and natural.

It always amazes me how many amazing shots you can get in 2 hours. I think the key is knowing what won’t work before you start so you don’t waste time. In your head you run through all the different angles and possibilities with the lighting before you take your first picture.

Holding up my hand and twisting it to see lighting ratios and shadows helps me get a sense of what the challenges are before you get your clients involved. Even then sometimes I will set up a shot, take one picture and know its just not right and decide to move on. Even if its a clients idea, I will try it, but will move on quickly if it doesn’t work. I am there because they trust me and I need to make the most out of every setup; that comes from shooting weddings and having to make split second decisions all day long.

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