This is the place for those of you who have hired us to let yourselves be heard. We expect everyone to be happy with their photos, but we want to hear about your experience with us as well. We appreciate all of your feedback. If you plan on submitting a testimonial please be honest, detailed, and concise.

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  1. We loved our pictures! Josh was professional, friendly, and went the extra mile to give us everything we wanted and more. He blended in perfectly, and was able to get amazing shots of us and our guests enjoying the best day of our lives.

  2. Josh did a phenomenal job capturing our wedding day. Looking through our photos, I felt a brand new — and unexpected! — wave of excitement, love, and joy, because his images made me feel like I was reliving each incredible moment over again. It takes someone very talented to capture such a crazy day so beautifully and thoroughly.

    He was very easy to work with and the results are great. We highly recommend him.

  3. We feel so very fortunate to have been able to have Josh as our photographer for our very special day. I have followed Josh’s photography through the years and knew he was the guy I wanted for our wedding. He traveled all the way to Cancun Mexico for our ceremony and also shot our photos at our reception when we returned.The final product was more than I could have ever hoped for and I love that when you look at the moments Josh captured, it takes you back and you feel like you are there all over again .Thank you Josh for capturing our memories that will be cherished forever.
    Your Friends,
    Ryan and Natalie House

  4. Josh was amazing to have on my wedding day. He was so professional and dependable. Even though I knew he was there, he def. blended in without drawing attention. I got to work with him 3 separate times, and never once did he disappoint. If you are looking for a photographer that is so easy to work with, and you get amazing photographs….this is your guy!

  5. Josh did an amazing job at capturing the memories we have from our wedding. He understood our ideas and worked with us so that we can remember the day just as it happened. He was very laid back and never tried to force photos, but rather captured the moments as they happened! These will most definitely be pictures that will last a lifetime and Josh truly has a gift! I can’t wait to order prints! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  6. We selected Josh because his photos were amazing. We love how he captures every expression, every move, and makes every photos feel alive. The photos from our wedding do just this and more, as he is truly an amazing photographer! But there is so much more to Josh than that! He came to our final all vendor meeting and offered wonderful advice and gave us several things to consider as we made decisions. On the wedding day he did an excellent job of being present but I never noticed him. He helped to steer all the family pictures with ease and grace and the final result is spectacular. I highly recommend Josh and will treasure the photos of our wedding for years to come. Thank you Josh!

  7. OMG!!!!! That’s all I could say when I saw my wedding pictures. Josh is beyond amazing!! I wanted a photographer that could handle my BIG FAT Indian wedding 🙂 and Josh definitely did the job. He captured every detail in such a beautiful artistic way. I loved how the pictures told a story instead of random shots. He captured such true emotions that still make me tear up when I go through the pictures. He was so great to work with!! He made it fun and easy. The great thing about Josh is the passion he has for his work. He truly is AMAZING!!!

  8. We were so happy working with Josh for our wedding! He was easy going and fun to be around. The photos were fantastic and imaginative. He was like an invisible man documenting all aspects of our memorable day.

  9. He put everything at ease, and worked well with everyone. From the first phone call, I knew Josh was the right photojournalist for us. Watching him work with and teach his assistant during the shoot actually helped show his ability. We got to see our pictures for the first time today, and with over 1000 to go through we were surprised that there wasn’t a “bad” one in the lot. He captured every moment but was never “in the way.” We were just impressed with his professionalism, talent, and fit-in-anywhere personality. Congrats Josh and Annie on the new baby!

  10. It was truly a pleasure having Josh photographer our wedding, which is pretty big when you think about how often your photographer is going to be hanging around you. When I was giving Josh my full attention (and you tend to get distracted throughout the day!), he was pleasant, friendly and a great conversationalist. But for a great part of the evening, of course, I hardly noticed him, though he captured some great moments. Annie, his wife and assistant (disclaimer, she’s also a friend from high school), is super sweet and pretty funny, another great quality in a photography crew. The light was incredibly fickle, the sun constantly in and out through clouds, but Josh expertly managed to achieve just the right balance. As far as posing, well, we start out looking stilted (I chalk that up to the stiff dress and hair!), but Josh has an eye for these things, and I recall him telling me to relax my smile, drop my shoulder, etc. In short, we’re pleased. Can’t wait to pick out my favorites!

  11. It’s been almost 4 years since our wedding and we are STILL getting comments about how amazing our wedding photographs are. I am still so happy with them. They are timeless, classic, beautiful, and real. I have them printed all over my home! Josh and Annie are incredible to work with and I am always impressed with their work. Josh is very reliable and has a long track record of always producing high quality images. Josh and Annie drove 7 hours to our destination wedding, went above and beyond what they were “hired” to do and made our wedding day so easy. I would recommend Josh any day. – Megan and Chad Hill

  12. Josh was amazing throughout the entire process. I knew I wanted to work with him after going through his previous work and seeing his unique style. He was so calm and collected, and was open to every idea we had (and as, for our engagement shoot, we wanted him to hang out of the back of a truck and shoot us driving on a motorcycle, that was no easy feat). He has great ideas, and our pictures turned out AMAZING!

  13. Josh is an amazing photographer. He photographed our wedding and the pictures are terrific. He is also very friendly and relaxed and made it an easy and enjoyable experience. We interviewed many photographers and his pictures were by far the best. I highly recommend him for any occasion.

  14. Awesome Wedding Photos We were extraordinarily pleased with our photos. They turned out even better than I could have imagined. Josh captured the event perfectly and with such detail. Thank you so much!!!! Amanda McReynolds & Christopher Byrd

  15. I saw the photographs that you sent to NFocus and I am so excited to see the rest! I cannot thank you enough for everything that you did to make the wedding day so easy. From the pictures that I’ve already seen, I know that you captured the day beautifully and Ged, myself, and our friends and family were so comfortable with you! Y’all have the perfect perspective on what a bride and groom want and need on their wedding day and I know you will continue to find incredible success. I hope y’all have a wonderful summer and I look forward to staying in touch.

  16. Josh took amazing photos! Josh not only took amazing photos, he captured memories of the most precious day of my life. To hear my mom say, “I just watched you cut the cake!” weeks after the event, as if she had just relived the experience moments prior…..he truly grasped the essence of the moment and the people. It was a seamless day and was so grateful that we were able to have Josh there with us!! Josh was relaxed, easy-going, calm and able to work with all the personalities at play during the day. Josh is an artist and a consumate professional.

  17. Perfect Josh and Annie were absolutely a perfect team on our wedding day. Annie calmed the bride (me) during a meltdown, Josh wrangled a difficult family for the portraits, and they fit in perfectly with the crowd. Just all around mature and professional and delightful to work with. Oh, yeah, Josh’s photos are stellar. Couldn’t have asked for better keepsakes from the best day of our lives! (Leigh & Clay)

  18. Thank you so much for the wonderful job that you and Annie did at the wedding. The pictures turned out beautifully, and we barely even knew you were there! We were so thrilled with everything and will definitely recommend you to anyone who’s looking. Thanks so much again for everything!

  19. Josh faced some challenges with our wedding in Scotland– a bride he had never met, a venue he had never seen, and an itinerary that had to be flexible– and he did a FANTASTIC job. He stayed very focused on what he knew we wanted in the pictures and they turned absolutely beautiful! When plans had to be moved around, he went with the flow and captured it all. And his wife and assistant Annie is so great– we loved having y’all there! We couldn’t be happier with the way the pictures turned out, thanks so much!

  20. I don’t have a single regret looking back on my pictures. There isn’t one thing I can think of that I wish Josh would have captured. He is wonderful and more importantly, he knows how important this day is to you and will do whatever it takes to get the best pictures. Reeder Photography is a must!

  21. We absolutely loved our pictures! Somehow Josh was able to make our boring church look beautiful and classy, and he totally captured the mood of the day. When I look at my pictures I feel like I’m there again!

  22. Josh and Annie were amazing at our wedding. Their fun yet professional style is just what we were looking for. Josh is a very talented photographer and gave us that natural and warm touch to our wedding pictures. Annie was great to have around for before wedding questions and to keep things moving and organized. I definitely would recommend them!

  23. Josh shot our wedding in May and the pictures are absolutely amazing! His style of photojournalism captured the true emotion of the day and fit our personalities perfectly. When we shared the photos with our guests we had many remark that they looked like they came straight out of a magazine spread. He and Annie are a delight to work with, they both went above and beyond to help with anything we needed during the planning process and couldn’t have been more wonderful the day of the wedding.

  24. Josh and an assistant shot our wedding back in October. Not very many photographers offer the kind of packages that Josh does and that’s just one of the reasons why we chose him. Our photos came out fantastic and our day couldn’t have been more perfect!

  25. I knew from the moment I saw Josh’s work that he would capture all of the special moments of my wedding. Not only did he capture those moments, but with Annie’s help, the day was smooth. They were both great to work with. We love our wedding photos and would recommend them to ANYONE!

  26. Josh and Annie were fantastic! It was such a pleasure working with them. Josh was incredibly unobtrusive and took amazing pictures; we just love our wedding photos! Thanks Josh and Annie. We HIGHLY recommend your services!

  27. From the moment I saw some of Josh’s pictures, we knew that we wanted him as our photographer. We had seen so many stair step posed pictures by other photographers and we didn’t want our special day to be captured quite like that. We loved the photojournalism idea because our whole day was going to be an amazing story and we wanted pictures that represented that story. Both Josh and Annie were wonderful the day of the wedding. Annie was pregnant at the time and such a trooper. Our reception ended around six, but Josh and Annie still came with us to take some candids downtown at Tootsie’s. Some of these pictures are our favorites because the stress was gone and everyone was out to have a good time. I have no regrets in using the Reeder’s for our wedding. I’m just so glad that the pictures actually came out as well as I had hoped they would.

  28. Josh and Annie were absolutely wonderful to work with and the pictures were amazing!!! They were not the typical boring posed pictures. He captured the candid emotions of our day. We couldn’t be happier!!!

  29. We absolutely love our wedding pictures! Josh was great to work with, and we are so glad that we chose him. He did an amazing job of capturing the story of our day. We have beautiful, meaning artwork to hang in our home, and not just posed pictures.

  30. Josh did an amazing job, capturing the precious moments that were memorable to Zach and I of our special day! Our family and guests were highly impressed with how the pictures turned out! Thank you for the most beautiful captured pictures! We really appreciate how wonderful, awesome job you did! Thank you!

  31. One major piece of planning for the wedding was to locate a great photographer. The pictures are all you have (besides what is in your head) to share that special day. It was important for us to find someone who was able to capture the moments in such a way that in 30, 40, or even 50 years we will be able to remember every moment of the day. Josh Reeder was an easy choice for us. Thank you so much for creating a life-long memory of the most important day of our lives!

  32. Not only was Josh wonderful to work with, the pictures are beautiful! We couldn’t be happier with the photos we have. So many to choose from! Our guests were impressed with how easily you were able to capture every moment of the day. Thank you so much for making the trip and taking such amazing pictures. We loved working with you!

  33. I love them – they really show how fun the wedding was. It’s so hard to narrow them down! Of course, we will give your name out to as many people as possible. I think we will probably send the whole thing to some mags, so I’ll let you know if we get in. Thank you so much for everything. Even all of my guests were commenting on how “cool” you were.

  34. We just looked at the photos..we LOVE them! We can’t thank you enough for all of your hard work. You guys did an amazing job at the wedding and we loved working with you. We could not be any happier with the entire experience.

  35. First, we love the photos! (Although, Scott still hasn’t gotten through them all) They are great. The light was amazing. I love the ones of us after the ceremony. Josh, you are truly talented.

  36. We couldn’t be more pleased with our wedding photos! We hired Josh because we wanted pictures with a fun, artistic angle and he not only met, but exceeded our expectations. His photos captured the essence of the evening and truly tell the story of our wedding day! He really created a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere–leading to some great candid shots! The Reeders are so much fun and such a pleasure to work with. Thank you so much, Josh and Annie!

  37. The photographs are just amazing! We feel so lucky to have beautiful pictures to match the beautiful memories we have of the day. Thank you so much for your hard work, and for sharing your talent with us!

  38. Josh’s pictures speak for themselves. He’s obviously really talented. He has a way of choosing very complimentary angles. Our pictures were no exception. Thanks Josh.

  39. I absolutely love my wedding photos. Josh has a very creative eye and the ability not only to capture the event but the moments. Looking back on my pictures, they seem to tell the story of my wedding as captured in people’s faces, in the atmosphere, and the event. When I look back, I see a true representation of my wedding day.

  40. All of our expectations were fulfilled as we got a great representation of our day through the family and candid ‘behind the scene’ shots. He listened very well to what we wanted, and added his artistic touches to make it a special day. Thank You.

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