Crosby Wedding / Nashville, TN

Kalyn Bowra and Colin Crosby had a gorgeous wedding and reception with the help of H Three Events. The wedding took place at Cathedral of the Incarnation with a reception at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens.  We had a great time getting to photograph the wedding and the beautiful couple.  The bridal party knew how to have a good time which made for a terrific party, and Colin and Kalyn (and her parents) weren’t afraid to get up and sing with the band at one point.  Certain weddings just become memorable events for the people attending.  With the right group of people, the right environment, the right band, and the right weather you have the chance to be part of an event is greater than the planning that goes into it; it’s just magic.  We had a blast and love all of the pictures and memories that go along with them.

One of most memorable parts of the evening was the surprise box of butterflies. Kalyn was not aware that this was planned. As gifts go, live creatures in a box is not a surprise most would be able to prepare themselves for anyways, especially in front of 150 people.  I don’t think the giver expected Kalyn to be so caught off guard that she would drop the box of lethargic, jet lagged, cryogenically kept, semi-defrosted, exotic butterflies.  As the lid-less box hit the ground upside down, I expected the worst.  I thought, now this innocent child, who was coaxed by an adult into giving this box of delicate creatures over to the bride very gently, in hopes of seeing a rainbow of wing activity fill the air as their long awaited freedom had finally come, is now going to see a pile of loose butterfly parts as soon as the box is turned over.

Luckily, upon uncovering the sleepyheads, we found most to be intact yet still very unaware that daylight was their cue to perform.  As children ran up to help remind them how to soar by using the paper airplane approach of an over arm throw with little success, it became apparent that babying them until they were fully thawed and ready to fly on their own would be the best way to keep down the casualties.  As rough as this may sound I’m sure the butterflies knew what they were getting themselves into when they signed up.

I hope you all don’t mind a bit of humor from time to time…

2 thoughts on “Crosby Wedding / Nashville, TN

  1. Josh, I want to thank you again for doing such a wonderful job capturing our wedding day. Something can only be as great as the memories that go with it…and because of you (and your sweet wife), we will forever have incredible memories of such a special day. Each time I look at the pictures, I go back to those moments and all the emotion that went along with them. I have and will continue to recommend you with the highest regard to others. Thank you for giving me such beautiful memories of our wedding day.

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