Fatke Wedding / Franklin, TN

Collin and Mallory were married on a private hill top in Franklin, TN.

Contradicting the traditional evening, sunset, candlelit weddings we are accustomed to was not a tough decision for Mallory. She was happy to break the rules and make her wedding one-of-a-kind.

They were married at 10am on a Sunday morning, served brunch for their reception at 11am, and they brought in a casual lunch at 1pm.

Mallory decided to go for a morning wedding so that everyone would have the day together to relax, eat, socialize and celebrate, and still allow time for her and Collin to get away and have a romantic evening together. This was also a great solution to an outdoor wedding in the fall, as fall evenings tend to get cold.

The hill, weather, and time of year couldn’t have been more perfect with a calm breeze, 70 degrees, and pink, red and orange leaves on the trees.

I photographed her sister Megan Hill’s wedding a few years back in Destin, FL.┬áThis was my second time to shoot a “sister” wedding. The other was for the Bedford sisters, now Katz and Frischer. All four of the weddings are on the site, make sure to go find them on the wedding page when you are done here.

I hope you enjoy…

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