Fritscher Wedding / Charleston, SC

Every Wedding is different and unique, and some more than others.  Khaki Bedford and Carl Fritscher were married at the Inn at Middleton Place in Charleston, SC.  The location had beautiful organic modern architecture set into the weeping sandy forests or the coastal Carolinas.  Mix that with a bunch of fun loving NYC punk-glam rockers with friends and you have a very unique wedding. Like her sister (Elizabeth Katz), Khaki is very artistic and particular, but laid back. Khaki is an amazing freelance photographer and currently works for Magnum Photos in NYC as a Digital Archivist. Khaki’s husband Carl is the lead singer and guitarist of The Templars (since 1993) along with Matt Katz, her sister’s husband; he also produces records in his spare time..

Don’t let the tatoos and black wedding dress fool you, while Khaki’s style is very non-Nashville, she is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet. All of their friends and family are fun, loving and close. We have become very fond of their family and love getting to celebrate together.

I always look for new things and ideas people do that end up creating fun experiences as well as great pictures.  Probably one of my favorite moments was before the wedding kiss, the guests lined up with flowers then the kiss and exit with flowers were all one moment as opposed to broken up events.  It turned out picturesque and memorable.

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  1. Love the flower petal action you got! Awesome work!

  2. lol, what a fun looking couple and wedding to shoot! Came across your blog and wanted to say hi… Blessings, JG

  3. Megan says:

    I love the colors! And I love that blond chick jumping up and down having a great time! You Rock!

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