Guillory Wedding / Scotland

We had a lot of fun in Scotland with the Bardwell’s and Guillory’s. The weekend started with dinner Thursday night as everyone arrived from the US at different times and tried to not look too jet lagged. The festivities and accommodations were at The Wedderburn Castle south of Edinburgh 45 minutes. On Friday, we slept in and then had an assortment of highland games and Scottish heritage with dancing and falconry. The rehearsal followed and then dinner. It rained solid for three days leading up to Saturday so we were all prepared for the worst.

Saturday (wedding day) around noon the clouds broke so Emily Bardwell (the bride) and I rushed out to get a few pictures just in case the weather took another turn. The stars aligned and we got exactly what we were hoping for. For the wedding, everyone hopped on a red double-decker bus and headed to a little chapel about five miles away. The group was small, about 50 of their closest family and friends made the journey to Scotland. It was a really special event for us because rarely does an event last more than a day or even a day and a half. As time goes by and we get to know everyone it becomes very easy to get the candid images we love so much without interrupting life.

Probably my favorite part of the wedding was the castle. We were essentially in someone’s home that was over 300 years old. It had 20 foot ceilings throughout, huge 100 year old paintings of regal family members, a drawing room that was as big as my house; not to mention taller. The lawn is like one big putting green, that really short soft grass from golf courses (it makes sense since golf originated there), that you could sleep on and not expect to see any bugs. I think I will try that in my lawn, don’t worry I’ll do research and figure out how impossible it is before I start.

5 thoughts on “Guillory Wedding / Scotland

  1. This is a gorgeous setting and photographed exquisitely – thank you for sharing it with a wood-land-manor lady!

  2. Love following you guys. It’s always nice to bump into Josh at the Apple store and at a random wine tasting so I can hear about what’s going on in your lives! Beautiful work, as usual.

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