Lowery Wedding / Lebanon, TN

Jack Lowery and Susannah Stone were married at a little church and had their reception at Jack’s Family’s ranch. It was the weekend before “The Great Flood” but at the time we thought it was about to flood. It rained off and on pretty hard all day. It broke at just the right times for outdoor moments and as always I was watching the motion radar on my iPhone and after the wedding saw that we had about an hour before it rained again. So as soon as the wedding was over we went to the ranch to get our posed photos which turned out amazing thanks to the storm clouds.

Most people think that a bright sunny day would make for great pictures and actually it is the hardest time to shoot. I am so happy it rained on their wedding day.  It made dry landscape brighten with color and sheen, it forced a tent to be used letting color and light be the backdrop, and thunderstorm clouds and wind are perfect for photos.

My favorite part of the wedding was the getaway. Jack is a helicopter pilot (as well as so many other things) so they planned a helicopter getaway after the reception. I love helicopters and flying in general and the moment was really unique.

Susannah is Australian and her family was here for a few weeks before the wedding helping, relaxing, and discovering Tennessee. A week before the wedding I spent some time in the helicopter with Jack and his soon-to-be family cruising over downtown Nashville; very fun (thanks Jack!)

With the help of Sarah Willard of Music City Events the rainy event went perfectly smooth and every vendor was impeccable. Definitely the best wedding cake I had ever tasted, and trust me I have had a few) thanks to Yall Be Sweet. The flowers were tasteful and classy and the indoor and tent lighting was perfect. Lighting is everything when it comes to photography. If photography is the most important thing to you then lighting should be next in line. A tent can be as perfect as outdoors with the right lighting.


3 thoughts on “Lowery Wedding / Lebanon, TN

  1. Hey Josh, I love looking at your expertise! Your use of light is exceptional! You’re awesome man!
    P.s. I would love to see you on board with the iSPWP

  2. Josh,

    These photos of Susannah and Jack’s wedding are truly amazing.They are special to us as we couldn’t
    make the trip to America from Australia for the wedding. I am her uncle, and these images have brought the atmosphere to us from across the Pacific. They are a very happy couple, and you have certainly caught that on film. Also, that helicopter is enormous, and when we make a visit in the future, we would like a ride over Nashville too!!

    Peter and Marion

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