Newby Wedding / Franklin, TN

Most weddings that take place two days after Christmas would be plauged by rain, cold, snow, no one showing up, stress from managing multiple holidays… The stars aligned for what turned out to be a perfect event.  Also, Shawn and Whitney were probably two of the most in-love looking people ever.  It looks like we hired 2 model/actors to film a wedding scene.  All the “posed” images were not posed, they just had fun and were in love. I love the movement of these images and love that it is hard to find a picture of them standing still.

One of my favorite parts of the wedding was the guests blowing bubbles as they danced the last dance.  Bubbles so many times are reserved for the last ten seconds, I want to see people get great photos out of their bubbles.  I want to see some people get really creative with bubbles this year, forget candles, think bubbles.

2 thoughts on “Newby Wedding / Franklin, TN

  1. Fantastic how you captured the moment(s). Love the photos, we will enjoy for years to come!

  2. Josh, we love the photos and have so enjoyed looking through ALL of them. You captured so many moments we didn’t get to be a part of and we will treasure all of them! You were so great to work outdoors in spite of wind & weather, making the best of not only the moments but of weather conditions! Your talent is evident. We will enjoy these for years to come. Thank you for your fantastic work.

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