Willits Wedding / Chicago, IL

Eric and Andrea were married at the University of Illinois in Chicago at a chapel in the middle of campus. It was cold but the light was perfect, most of the time. but the chapel and campus were breathtaking. I typically don’t do a lot of posed photos, but the chapel and campus were breathtaking. The place was perfect and there were so many great opportunities and locations we didn’t want to pass up. Probably my favorite images were the ones after the ceremony when we shot the posed images in front of the stained glass windows with the sun coming in. How often do you see full length stained glass windows past a balcony. I also love the one walking outside and the wind was blowing so hard and cold we couldn’t stand it, times like that all you can do is laugh.

4 thoughts on “Willits Wedding / Chicago, IL

  1. I love this shoot! You captured the beauty of the location and the emotion of the day in each shot. Jay and I are so excited for you to photograph our wedding in May!

  2. It’s my wedding so I might be a little partial but, this my favorite! Great pictures, we are still enjoying them! I think my favorite is the one where we are walking into the reception. I love the action and remember the emotion, amazing!

  3. Love this entire shoot. It has a fantastical feel to it. There is some great energy and texture happening in the first shot.

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